ANNI Professional 3.64

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ANNI Professional 3.64 Description

ANNI Professional is the Professional version for ANNI Standard, ANNI stands for Advanced Neural Network Investing. ANNI program was designed to will allows you to make better trading decisions by combining technical analysis, fundamental analysis and advanced neural network technologies all in one, easy-to-use package.ANNI is an extremely dynamic and robust securities modeler which can overcome many complex problems. Sometimes though ANNI may not perform as well as expected. There are several reasons this can occur1. The parameters used (inputs, net's configurations, genetic configurations, etc.) do not lend themselves well to the security being trained on.
Solution: Try changing the inputs or the parameters based on ANNI's flowchart and/or use the 'Optimize Indicators' feature in the Professional version.2. The security is hitting new highs or lows causing the current values to not be representative of past values.
Solution: Try adjusting the training period using the auto adjust features (recommendation is to keep the 'Auto Adjust Data' feature always on to assure the best training period is selected). If this still doesn't place the current values in line with past values you may need to wait until the security has retraced back to normal values.3. The security is too volatile or chaotic for ANNI to produce consistent and stable results.
Solution: Train on intraday values which allows ANNI to look at the problem at a finer resolution. If this still doesn't solve the problem, you may need to move on to another security or just utilize the real-time predictor and possibly the GN Trade System.4. New data has come in that caused ANNI's confidence level to drop.
Solution: ANNI is quite accurate in it's confidence level estimate. If a change in current conditions occurs that is not indicative of past relationships the confidence level will drop accordingly. Most of the time a few generations of training will bring it back in line. Sometimes though it requires a complete reset of the system in order to improve the results and speed up convergence. If retraining still does not work it is possible that the current conditions are totally different from the past and may require you to leave this security alone for a while.The bottom line is that ANNI does not always work on every security (something that should always be kept in mind). ANNI provides tools to help PreScreen a stock to determine if it will be suitable in ANNI in addition to the Summation View providing flags in case any of the above conditions are violated. But keep in mind that if after trying the above solutions do not work, do not try and force it to work or use sub-optimal results in the hopes that it will suddenly begin to work. You are much better off finding another security that will perform better with ANNI.

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