HandOdds for Texas Hold'em Poker

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HandOdds for Texas Hold'em Poker Description

Automatically calculate your poker hand odds while you play your favorite online Texas Hold'em Poker game. HandOdds for Texas Hold'em is an add-on application that seamlessly integrates with your hold'em table and automatically captures the cards. It then acts like a poker calculator and displays your odds and percentages on top of the game. Allowing you to keep your eyes where the action is.HandOdds for Texas Hold'em provides probability and odds statistics for every moment of a poker hand. Start with your hole cards and see what the probability and odds are for flopping a pair, trips, straight, flush and more. After the flop, with just a glance, find your probability and odds of improving you hand at the turn and at the river. Check your hand ranking to see how it compares with all the possible hands that can be made. Check your hand strength to see how it rates against the remaining opponents. Calculate the pot odds to decide if the hand is worth taking another card. With all the tools HandOdds for Texas Hold'em provides, you can be on par with the mathematical geniuses that seem to permeate the poker tables and get ahead of the rest of us.

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