CubeDesigner Standard Edition

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CubeDesigner Standard Edition Description

Package design offers the greatest single opportunity for reduced logistics costs and improved profitability with very little investment. It is redesigning of your packaging and analyzing warehouse practices to obtain a 'Higher Net Profit Package'. It is researching a package, case and pallet load design and optimization: improving each step of your products journey in the supply chain. The most cost effective way of reducing storage and shipping costs has been in getting more products onto a pallet.You need to evaluate your primary packaging to obtain optimal product size, in-store shelf display, material usage, case count and fit. Once the primary package has been finalized, an analysis should be done to create the best-case count and arrangement within the outer packaging limits. The result is using the correct material specification for storage and protection while minimizing costs. Computer and software programs are necessary! CubeDesigner offers the most powerful and comprehensive computer aided packaging engineering programs on the market today. CubeDesigner can evaluate the impact of package design on various segments of the product supply chain, which can then be used to make tradeoff decisions. CubeDesigner is an expert software to effectively allow users to integrate Packaging, Marketing and Operations variables to identify the optimal package design for maximum profit. It is done by assisting in the identification of the best overall design solutions to reduce costs and increase profits ' from the initial development of a product to its placement on the retailer's shelf. In other words,CubeDesigner aids in a creating the Higher Net Profit Package. Using CubeDesigner as your consulting, packaging becomes a creative means to meet the needs of Marketing, Logistics and Operations with solutions that generate bottom line results.

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Size: 532.5 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Finance Software
Best Diet Software The Best Diet Software Food And Exercise Diary For Windows is a top of the line weight loss and fitness software. The Best Diet Software Food And Exercise Diary For Windows is a top of the line weight loss and fitness software. Software that calculates, logs, reports, graphs, and analyzes your daily food consumption and exercise to help with your weight loss....

OS: Windows
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Size: 6.4 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$39.95 | Category: Finance Software
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