Active Multiwallpaper Manager 1.0.2

Software ID: 10450

Active Multiwallpaper Manager 1.0.2 Description

The main function of the program is desktop wallpaper management. As to the management, the most frequently used functions are as follows: automatic wallpaper changing within the given time interval and hot key for wallpaper changing. You can specify picture scaling quality level, interface language, background color and the method of setting the picture as desktop wallpaper.

Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Vladstudio Companion
Just Watching
Stardust Wallpaper Control 2003
Wallpaper manager
e-motional Desktop Wallpaper Manager
Wallpaper Cycler Lite
Sunrise Wallpaper Changer
Transparent Window Manager
This software helps you to manage your windows settings. You may set transparency of any window required.
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WallPaper Plus puts new life into your Desktops background images. WallPaper Plus lets you change your desktop wallpaper at regular intervals, ranging from once a minute to once a day. It supports the Active Desktop, so you can use your favorite...
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Gaia Wallpaper Desktop
This wallpaper manager offers intelligent desktop management and cool wallpaper effects. Customize your wallpapers per category. User-friendly interface with personalized advanced features. Enhance your desktop by adding life to your wallpapers.
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Wallpaper Slideshow LT
Wallpaper Slideshow is a great utility for displaying your favorite photos as desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper Slideshow offers you complete control on your wallpapers collection and allows you to easily set your favorite images (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF,...
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BioMolecula WallPaper
This program creates custom Desktop Wallpaper for your PC every time Windows starting. Real 3D models of biological molecules are shown on wallpaper image. You may choose one molecule from six available, rotation axis and image scale ratio. Six...
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PIC_RND (BMP, GIF, JPG Random Wallpaper)
Pick random pictures for Windows wallpaper during startup, or whenever you want! Put any mixture of JPG, GIF, or BMP pics in any directories you like, and tell PIC_RND which directories you would like it to pick from! Simple as that!
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Advanced Wallpaper Changer
Advanced Wallpaper Changer: a high quality, free utility to manage your wallpapers. The program allows changing your desktop wallpaper at adjustable period of time or on every Windows start up. All popular file formats supported.
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Flash Wallpaper Maker
It's a tool which help you to create your favorite macromedia flash file to be your wallpaper, also it can help you pubilish it just by click a button.
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Active WallPaper
Active WallPaper will put cleverly your pictures in desktop background, without stretching your images, with the powerful images algorithms, your pictures will be always displayed in better way. The built-in calendar will recall you your...
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Caledos Wallpaper Changer
Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer is a small and not intrusive application that allows to change desktop wallpaper as oftes as you want
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Desktop Wallpaper Manager
Desktop Wallpaper Manager allows you to easily preview and change your desktop wallpaper. Very simple to use and easy to handle. You only need to specify your wallpaper list, right click on Desktop and select desired wallpaper in popup menu!
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Just Wallpaper
Just Wallpaper is a fantastic tool that lets you manage and display all of your Windows wallpaper. You set up your own themes and add all the wallpaper images you desire. You can randomly display any image in a theme at a specified time interval as...
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Size: 1.9 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Editor & Tools
Desktop Wallpaper Timer Desktop Wallpaper Timer allows you to enhance your desktop by changing your wallpaper automatically. Desktop Wallpaper Timer allows you to enhance your desktop by changing your wallpaper automatically. You can set up a timer and an image playlistand Desktop Wallpaper Timer will change your desktop wallpaper according to your settings. Desktop...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Time Wallpaper, Changing Wallpaper, Change My Desktop Wallpaper, Desktop Wallpaper, Desktop Free Wallpaper, Change Wallpaper, Cant Change Wallpaper, Change Psp Wallpaper, Change Wallpaper Myspace, Change My Wallpaper Site Myspace com
Size: 13.8 MB | License: Demo | Category: Editor & Tools
Desktop Picture Frame Desktop Picture Frame is an absolutely new concept of showing images on desktop. Desktop Picture Frame is an absolutely new concept of showing images on desktop. Now you should not spend your money and your precious time for art print of photos and for acquiring of photo frames. You baby, your family, your beloved pet, your...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Agfa, Album, Artistic, Baby, Buy, Camera, Capture, Computer, Creativity, Digital
Size: 4.5 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Editor & Tools
Hunter Perrins Timewise Desktop Timewise Desktop will continuously change your desktop picture, based on the time of day. Timewise Desktop will continuously change your desktop picture, based on the time of day. Watch as your computer progresses through the day, providing a more life like environment. Visit the themes library. Timewise Desktop is a desktop...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Open, Source, Free, Software, Foss, Freeware, Resource, Resources, Development, Programming
Size: 732.2 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Editor & Tools
DeskSlide Looking to make changes to your desktop wallpaper instead of the same show every day. Looking to make changes to your desktop wallpaper instead of the same show every day. Have a fun time DeskSlide changing your wallpaper automatically with.DeskSlide is a software for automating the wallpaper change on your desktop. It replaces...

Software Terms: Deskslide, Deskslide Download, Download Deskslide, Change Background, Change Wallpaper, Change Desktop Wallpaper
Size: 310.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$14.99 | Category: Editor & Tools Wallpaper Rotation This program allows you to add as many picture files as you like and the program will change your desktop background image automatically as often as you wish! Change it after a week or after a period of any specific amount of days or even seconds. Each day when you start your Windows system you see your desktop background wallpaper image. From time to time, when you don't like it any more, you should change it. Sometimes you do not recognize that you used the same one since months....

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Desktop, Wallpaper, Change, Automatically, Automatic, Rotate, Rotating, Exchange, Background, Picture